Das Produkt enthält 12 Aromas to smell, was in Aged Wine und eine Veröffentlichung in Englisch auf dem Weg zum Ziehen der Sense des Smells ist.
Ziehen Sie Ihre Sense von Smell und Ihre Weintasting Skills. You will quickly learn to recognise the aromas most frequently found in high quality wines. This is a must have tasting tool for both amateurs who are approaching the world of tasting and for expert tasters who want to refine their sense of smell. These aromas are widely used by sommeliers and professional in their training courses.
TASTERPLACE Is a supplier of aroma kits for sommelier associations.
It is a elegante gift idee for all wine lovers and a fun game to play with family and friends.
* Improbe schnell your olfactory memory by training with these aromas. The 12 aromas included are: vanilla, coconut, caramel, leather, cloves, resinous, guaiacol, smoked, hazelnut, nutmeg, fenugreek, truffle.